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  • OPV3100E Tx/Rx Digital Fiber Optic Link transmits multiple channels of video and audio signal with high
    quality and reliability in uni-direction. The device adopts advanced digital and fiber optic transmission
    technologies and thus makes transmission performance much better than that in analog transmission based on frequency or amplitude modulation.OPV3100E allows quick installation without the need of user adjustment and is of ease to operate. Users can readily monitor the status of power supply, optic link and channel connection via indicator lights on the front panel. The special design of video LCD monitor and audio level meters enable users to monitor real-time video and audio signals before and after the transmission. Network management function even empowers OPV3100E to be superior products for easier operation. Different types of OPV3100E are available for option according to actual function demands as shown in below table.




    Special Design


    2V Analog (Uni-directional)

    4 A Analog (Uni-directional)

    1.8-inch LCD monitor,  audio level meter, and network management


    4V Analog (Uni-directional)

    8 A Analog (Uni-directional)

    1.8-inch LCD monitor, audio level meter and network management


    8V Analog (Uni-directional)

    16 A Analog (Uni-directional)

    1.8-inch LCD monitor, audio level meter and network management



    • Broadcasting and TV program transmission

    • Military communication

    • Video conferencing

    • Security monitoring and cable TV system

    • Relay between studios and transmission center (STL)


    • Signal format: CVBS and Analog audio

    • Channel Capacity: 8 Video and 16 Audio at max.

    • SNR:63dB

    • Input/Output Wavelength: 1310/1550 nm Single mode

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