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  • OPV1000E-TX/RX Digital Fiber Optic Link transmits one channel SDI video signal that meets SMPTE-424M,SMPTE-292M,SMPTE-259M or DVI-ASI digital video formats. The device adopts advanced digital and fiber optic transmission technologies and thus allows quick installation without the need of user adjustment. It is also easy to operate. Users can readily monitor the status of power supply, optic link and channel connection via indicator lights on the front panel. The special design of video LCD monitor enables users to monitor real-time video signals before and after the transmission.


    • Broadcasting and TV program transmission

    • Military communication

    • Video conferencing

    • Security monitoring and cable TV system

    • Relay between studios and transmission center (STL)


    • Signal format: SMPTE-424M,SMPTE-292M, SMPTE-259M, DVB-ASI

    • Signal resolution: 10 bit

    • Data rate: SDI 270 Mbps to 3G-SDI 2.97Gbps

    • Transmission distance: up to 60 Km

    • Standalone, 1U/2U case

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