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  • OPV6400E HD IRD is a new design IRD with video monitor LCD equipped on the front panel. It can receive TS signals from Tuner (QPSK, QPSK S2, 8PSK S2), ASI and IP sources. After multiplexing and de-encryption with CAM module, then give it to ASI, IP as well as various interface video/audio output at the same time. Its video/audio outputs support professional HD/SD-SDI, YPbPr, HDMI, XLR balanced audio, and S/PDIF digital audio and CVBS, which can greatly satisfy the professional users’ needs. With the CAM slot (CI/CI+) support, it supports one channel (Tuner, ASI or IP) de-scrambling and give transparent signal output. User can operate the device by using front panel LCD or NMS software. Moreover, users can choose to have an optional ASI output interface which can pass through the encryption data source directly from tuner.


    • IPTV

    • video/audio signal decode

    • TV program receive

    • RF signal receive


    • MPEG-2 & MPEG-4/AVC/H.264 decoding.

    • Support front panel and NMS operation.

    • Video Monitor LCD in the front panel.

    • Various tuners available.

    • Re-multiplexer embedded.

    • Support Tuner, IP, ASI Input.

    • Support IP, ASI, and decoding output.

    • Support CAM card insert (CI/CI+).

    • Support 10xSPTS output.

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