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  • OPV9000 series-rack frame adapt advanced technology to separate the interface panel and functional module. OPV9000 rack frame is a highly integrated platform for multiple video/audio transmission, data processing and signal distribution. Under the ultra high bit rate of 3Gbps, it supports hot plug for video/audio transmission, power supply module and fiber optical module.

    OPV9000 is designed in 4RU height and supports up to 12 modules with fixer in the front to enhance the reliability and flexibility. The cooling system can be managed by the network management module. When the temperature is lower than the critical point (can be set), the exhausting system will be off, and vice versa, to enlong fan’s life and save power. If there don’t have a network management module, the exhausting system will be always on.

    OPV9000 rack frame designs accord with standard IEC 60297-3-101, and mountable for 19” rack. The interface panel is on the behind of frame. Network management connector module can be inserted into the first slot to manage all the modules.

    Device information monitor

    ◾Basic Information. Device Terminal IP, Name, Mode, slot number, Module Type, Power Status, Video/Audio status, Fiber  count etc.

    ◾Working Information. Case, Rack frame, Video/Audio Signal status, Optical Signal status, Power status, Temperature etc.

    ◾Others. Search all devices connected in the network by IP address, and check working status.


    ◾Alarm when the terminal operates abnormally.

    ◾No signal at the optical interface.
    ◾Video& Audio missing alarm.
    ◾Temperature is beyond of critical (can be set)
    ◾Power Supply Alarm

    Optical Transceiver Control

    ◾Video Channel Control

    ◾Optical Channel Control

    ◾Fan control

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